Prof. Dr S Z Hasan

Prof. Dr S Z Hasan was one of the greatest acknowledged philosophical thinkers of this age. The first Asiatic to get D. Phil. in Philosophy from Oxford, his great work on ‘REALISM’  (Published by the Cambridge University Press) was hailed as a classic on the subject, unsurpassed to this day. In that book he founded a new school of Philosophy in conformity with Islamic norms, which he later developed in his book, PHILOSOPHY a critique  completed shortly before his demise in Pakistan in 1949. He was Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at the Aligarh Muslim University for decades and also held the honours of being Dean, Faculty of Arts and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy there.



SYED ZAFARUL HASAN  (Born February 14, 1885) was a Philosophy student (at Oxford, UK – & Erlangen, Germany). He got two Doctorates (from Oxford University, UK & Erlangen University, Germany). His Doctoral thesis in German language, Monismus Spinoza, was written in 1922. His book (which was his Doctoral thesis at Oxford), ‘REALISM – An Attempt To Trace Its Origin And Development In Its Chief Representatives’ was published by Cambridge University Press, London, in 1928. He later came back to his University – Aligarh Muslim University, in Aligarh, India. There, he rejoined his Deptt. of Philosophy. At Muslim University, Aligarh, he was the Dean of Faculty of Arts – besides heading the Philosophy Department. During his illustrious career, he was also the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University. Upon his retirement, he was appointed Emeritus Professor at the University. He migrated to PAKISTAN in 1947.